Quickly and easily prepare your training and Nutrition mixes, shakes, powders, drinks and much more! This shaker cup is perfect for: travel, home, office, school, gym, or even the car!

When we were looking for shakers for our preworkout drinks we chose Blender Bottle as the leader. Their patented BlenderBall® —found only in BlenderBottle® shaker cups—whips around inside the bottle as you shake, delivering industry-leading mixing and putting the mesh grates and plastic gimmicks in other shakers to shame.

Features a Super Sealing Leak-Free Screw-On Lid
Mix It and Drink It All In One
Mixes Even Thick Ingredients (no gagging clumps in the bottom)
Easy To Clean and Dishwasher Safe
Blender Ball Mixer Inside (no messy blender to clean up)
Portable and Light
Fits In Most Car Cup Holders

Perfect For:
Cross Fitness Enthusiasts
Optimum Nutrition When You Are On The Go At Work, The Gym, Studio or Outdoors
Awesome For Bodybuilders, Physique and Power Lifters

Simply Add Ingredients And Shake -Secure Twist top, Won't Leak and Extremely durable!

Pick up a NitroNOX Pro shaker with your order today and enjoy smooth great tasting NitroNOX Pro before your next workout.

All we ask is that you try one can of NitroNOX Pro and compare it to the products you are currently taking and see how they stack up. We're confident you'll find that NitroNOX Pro comes out on top each and every time.

Only $9.99

Blender Ball

Available Only In Official Blender Bottles

Perfect Size

Easy Storage and Carry