Intra-workout Performance!

Your choice for an Intra-Workout supplement should give you that extra push during a hard workout in addition to fighting off the natural catabolic state that occurs during your workout and keep you hydrated during and after training. AminoFUZE is designed to do just that and MORE!

AminoFUZE is not just another “me too” BCAA formula. We have added an infusion of additional and synergistic ingredients such as key vitamins, electrolytes, HICA and added amino acids for the ultimate BCAA/hydration/recovery formula that features far greater protein synthesis and performance.

• Infused with HICA
• Aids in Hydration and Recovery
• Increase Fat Loss
• Promotes Positive Nitrogen Balance
• Promotes Anabolic State

Flavor: Orange or Pina-Colada

30 servings per container

Suggested Dosage: As a dietary supplement mix 1 (one) scoop in 8-10 oz of water and take intra-workout on training days

Intraworkout, aminofuze, bcaa, hica, amino acid

Intraworkout, aminofuze, bcaa, hica, amino acid
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2 Flavors

Orange, Pina Colada


Energy Support


Muscle Growth